Rolling together

An inspired partnership with a worldwide family

StrikeNet is a bold collaboration
between the International Bowling
Federation (IBF) and connectivity
gamechangers Flexfibre.

We’re a tight-knit team of friends and business partners from Melbourne to London, providing bespoke internet and network services worldwide. This team has the backing of more than 5,800 providers worldwide, enabling us to provide tailored internet solutions for clients in more than 200 countries, across every region of the planet.

    We started Flexfibre because we’d had enough of the complexity involved everytime we wanted to set up business internet abroad. So we started talking with connectivity providers across the world and brought it all together in one web portal. But that was just the start…

“We're inspired by the IBF's mission to put the world's largest grassroots sporting movement on a world stage and create the bowling centres of the future.”
Neil Lonergan Co-Founder of StrikeNet & Flexfibe

Our Leadership team

Max Jones Co-Founder

Max is the co-founder of Flexfibre and Linimex. Prior to this Max worked at British Telecom in the UK and Telstra in his native Australia.

Neil Lonergan Co-Founder

Neil is the co-founder Flexfibre and Linimex, Europe’s leading telecommunications consultancy. Prior to this Neil worked for O2 and British Telecom, where Max and Neil met.

Mark Kalajzich CPO

Mark has 18 years’ experience in leadership roles across telecommunications and finance and is currently also Chief Product Officer at Lendi.

We are the International Bowling Federation

We’re the international governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and Para Bowling, representing five continental zones and 114 member federations.

    We’re on a mission to connect the world with the greatness of bowling. Connecting further, faster, for all. Ninepin, Tenpin, academy, para, male, female, young, old; whoever you are, wherever you come from, our sport crosses cultures.

    Truly inclusive, united by a passion for bowling, we bring the world closer together by innovating our sport with technology and data. Championing the best of bowling. Guardians of our sport, we show bowling at its best. By removing the complexity and barriers to play, without compromising the integrity of our sport.

“StrikeNet is the bespoke solution we'll need to deliver across challenging and diverse environments, enabling us to champion the sport for players and fans at all levels. This is a key step in the roll-out of our digital transformation and we're delighted to have Flexfibre as a partner on the journey.”
Andrew Oram CEO of IBF