Future‑ready wireless

StrikeNet Wireless

Unlock the bowling centre of the future

Smarter spaces, safer connections, more insights and better experiences

StrikeNet Wireless makes it easy to transform your venue into an intelligent space — and tap into a fast-expanding world of possibility. We’ve brought the best tech together in a single solution that gives you secure, uninterrupted wireless performance and a whole new level of insight into your customers.


Smart wi-fi for better performance and a great user experience, with no interruptions


See and manage everything easily on a single pane of glass


Rich, real-time data insights to help you keep your customers engaged and happy


Smart sensors that monitor everything in real time to keep your venue safe


Full support from our customer success team, giving you superb return on investment within three months through targeted remarketing to your users

In the bowling centre
of the future you can...

Let our customer success team bring you the full benefits of data capture.

Understand your customers better and use targeted marketing to boost re-engagement and drive profits.

Unlock further advertising opportunities with branded wi-fi login pages that help you make your mark and capture the data you need.

Integrate your online and offline marketing channels to give customers a seamless experience, no matter how you connect with them.


Let customers know about any changes in health guidelines or known cases of COVID at your venue.

Get a more detailed picture of how customers behave in your space, without the need for them to download any apps.

Use intelligent cameras, sensors and wireless access points to see how your venue is being used — including visitor numbers, queue lengths, entry and exit behaviour. Act on this insight to drive new business and operate more efficiently.